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La Mina

About 6 km east of Bramador, pyrrhotite-dominant massive sulfides outcrop in a creek near "La Mina", in the center of the Volantin Fracc. 1 Property. La Mina is centered on a easterly trending, steeply south dipping massive sulfide that contains 16% Zn, 6.5% Pb, 0.1% Cu, 387 g/t Ag, 164 ppb Au, 29% Fe, 26.9% S, 1.9% As as well as elevated Cd, Sb, Bi and W across 1.5 m (sample 16215). Mineralization consists mainly of massive pyrrhotite with sphalerite, galena and subordinate chalcopyrite. The zone is exposed by two short adits 50 meters apart at 710 meters elevation in the Arroyo de la Mina. The easternmost adit exposes a 2 meter wide zone of azufron, or siliceous hematite with anomalous metal values of 21.3 ppm Mo, 94.3 ppm Cu, 0.3% Pb, 0.2% Zn, 4.8 g/t Ag, 42 ppm Ni and 183 ppm As (sample 16213).

Seven stream sediment samples from both above and below the Mina workings contain markedly anomalous metal values averaging 243 ppm Pb, 430 ppm Zn, 4 ppm Mo, 54 ppm Cu, 1.4 ppm Ag, 128 ppm As, and 67 ppb Au (samples 65380-383 and 68160-162). Within this group of samples, the best result is 280 ppb Au, 441 ppm Zn, 199.3 ppm Pb, 1.1 ppm Ag and 68 ppm As from sample 68161, located 60 meters upstream of the principal adit. Together, these seven samples define a core catchment basin on the order of 1 km2, that is flanked on either side by lower-grade, but anomalous, stream basins (Fig. 10.3).

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Exploration results for "La Mina" massive sulfide occurrence and surrounding area. La Mina is centered on pyrrhotite-dominant massive sulfide that trends easterly and dips southerly (similar to the regional geological formations). Markedly anomalous stream sediment results north and south of the known mineralization imply the presence of additional mineralized horizons.

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